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Our New App!

Scoliosis is a potentially serious condition that can require major surgery if not treated. Thankfully, today it’s easier than ever before to treat Scoliosis without surgery – but doing this relies on early detection. At the UK Scoliosis clinic, we’re always investing in new technology to help detect, prevent and treat Scoliosis – today were pleased to announce that we’re releasing a beta version of our new Scoliosis screening app, Scoli Check.


What is Scoli Check?

Scoli Check is a scoliosis pre-diagnostic tool, designed to give you an idea of your risk of developing scoliosis – this means it isn’t intended to formally diagnose a scoliosis case but can give you an excellent way to assess risk at home.  Scoli Check is also a free to use app which requires no data upload and does not retain any personal information. Scoli Check can be used at home, at school or with friends.

Scoli check tries to make scoliosis screening easier and to reduce false positives by allowing the user to compare their own body shape and characteristics to a series of representative images. We feel that this is more effective as a method for detecting scoliosis, compared with simply listing signs and symptoms for people to watch out for. Rather than focusing only on images which show Scoliosis, Scoli check also presents users with a “normal” baseline image which makes for a more meaningful comparison.

Since the tool is comparison based It’s easy to use Scoli Check with a friend or family member – however, you can certainly use it alone if you have access to a mirror. Screening which scoli check does not require the person observing you (or yourself, if using a mirror) to have any understanding of anatomy or scoliosis related terms, an area which we find a weakness in similar screening tools.

Scoli check also aims to educate the public about scoliosis, and provides some further information on each of the areas it examines while using the app – we hope that this will allow those who do not have scoliosis to become more aware of signs which they may then notice in others!


Try it out!

You can trial the new app at doihavescoliosis.com

If you have a family member with scoliosis or have been told that you may have scoliosis, we strongly suggest you try Scoli Check. Scoli Check. Scoli Check is not a substitute for a professional diagnosis, rather it is intended to help you begin to discover if you may have scoliosis.