Does Scoliosis cause Neck pain?

For some time, it has been thought that common problems such as back and neck aches and pains were not a symptom of scoliosis. Even many scoliosis specialists did not necessarily consider pain to be an important indicator of a problem – however, over the last few years, various studies have demonstrated that back pain… Read more »

Is exercise recommended for people with scoliosis?

The role of sport and exercise as it relates to scoliosis and its treatment is a complex one. It has been known for some time that participants in some activities, such as gymnastics, seem to have a higher risk of developing scoliosis – at the same time, it has also long been suggested that exercises… Read more »

Does playing football increase the risk of Kyphosis?

Like Scoliosis, Kyphosis is a common condition which affects the spine. While in scoliosis, the spine is deformed so that It “curves” to the side, in Kyphosis it “bends” further forwards than is ideal. In a normal individual, when the spine and posture are viewed from the side, the ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle… Read more »

Why scoliosis should be examined by a trained professional

At the UK Scoliosis clinic, we are always campaigning for the widespread adoption of scoliosis screening in schools, clubs and anywhere else where young people gather! It’s not just younger people who need to be concerned about scoliosis either – as we recently wrote on this blog, adult onset or “de-novo” scoliosis now affects 1… Read more »

School screening isn’t just effective – it’s cheap!

As regular readers of this blog will know, the UK Scoliosis clinic is a strong advocate for the introduction of school screening programs for scoliosis here in the UK. Currently, there is no national plan nor program for scoliosis screening, even though almost all scoliosis clinicians agree that implementing school screening would be a positive… Read more »

Happy New Year from the UK Scoliosis Clinic

A happy new year from everyone here at the UK Scoliosis Clinic! If you’re a scoliosis sufferer or know someone who is, you might be looking for some impactful new year’s resolutions which can benefit scoliosis sufferers. With that in mind, here are some scoliosis friendly New Years resolutions which we recommend you take on!… Read more »

Is observation a treatment for scoliosis?

When first seeking treatment, many scoliosis sufferers are advised that they should “watch and wait” or  “wait and see” how their condition progresses, in the hope that their curve will remain small enough to avoid surgery.  Medically, this approach is known as “observation”.   Is observation ever the right choice? The argument for observation was… Read more »

Can yoga treat scoliosis?

While the main non-surgical methods for treating scoliosis are bracing or scoliosis specific exercise, there are also a wide variety of complimentary therapies which can also be useful as part of a broader treatment program. One popular approach is Yoga. Yoga for scoliosis is a field which is being investigated, and there are some yoga… Read more »