Scoliosis FAQ with Dr Paul Irvine

This week, we take some of the most frequently asked questions we have here at the clinic and put them to our founder, Dr Paul Irvine. While these quick FAQ’s are a good starting point, please keep in mind that scoliosis is a complex, 3D condition which requires a personal treatment plan designed by a… Read more »

Will scoliosis go away on its own?

When you or a loved one are first diagnosed with scoliosis its natural for your first thoughts to be about the best treatment available – and perhaps whether treatment is even necessary. Indeed, many medical professionals today still believe that a “wait and see” approach is the best way forward in most scoliosis cases. Despite… Read more »

My child has Scoliosis: Top 10 things to do right away

  If you have recently discovered that your child has scoliosis, or you suspect that scoliosis might be an issue it can often be a stressful and confusing time. There is a great deal of new information to consider and often it can seem there simply isn’t enough time. To help out with this, here’s… Read more »

Does scoliosis cause back pain? Research update

For some time, it has been thought that adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) does not necessarily cause back pain – however research is now beginning to indicate that in fact, scoliosis does most likely cause pain especially in patients with larger curves.   Scoliosis and back pain, current opinion For some time, it has been suggested… Read more »

Scoliosis specific exercise prevents loss of correction after bracing

When we think about scoliosis treatment we tend to focus on there here and now – normally this means concentrating on getting the correct diagnosis and making sure the right treatment program is put in place. What’s often less discussed however, are plans for going forward after you have completed your treatment.  This is especially… Read more »

Why choose ScoliBrace?

When thinking about the right scoliosis treatment there are many options to consider. This is what you would expect since scoliosis itself is a complex and often highly variable condition which requires a treatment plan specifically designed for each patient. The two main approaches used in non-surgical scoliosis treatment are scoliosis specific exercise methodologies and… Read more »

Scoliosis Treatment – Scoliosis exercise Vs. Bracing, which is best?

Today the two main methodologies involved in the non-surgical treatment of scoliosis are Bracing, and Specialist exercise methodologies. In most cases we use both approaches throughout the course of treatment with our patients since both approaches have their strengths. We are however, often asked which treatment methodology is best – so let’s consider the latest… Read more »

Catch scoliosis early, and don’t “wait and see”!

Catching scoliosis early with screening, and then taking appropriate action to stabilise and correct the cobb angle is the key to a successful outcome. Our message today, to parents in particular, is to have your children screened regularly and act on any concerns you may have. Unfortunately, many medical professionals today are still unaware of… Read more »

Scoliosis specific exercise can reduce curve progression in adult scoliosis patients

While many of the patients we see at our clinic are children with juvenile or adolescent scoliosis, adult scoliosis cases also represent a significant percentage of those we help. There are many approaches which can be used in tackling adult scoliosis, but one of the most commonly chosen is scoliosis specific exercise. It was once… Read more »