Dear Clients,

I just wanted to quickly update you on arrangements at The UK Scoliosis Clinic given that a new national lockdown has now been announced.

While it’s devastating for all of us, were back in lockdown – thankfully, businesses who cannot work remotely are allowed to remain open and we will be doing so. The UK Scoliosis Clinic will remain open.

Thanks to the hard work we put in earlier in the year, as well as the incredible cooperation we’ve seen from all our clients we can, and will, continue to operate the clinic as usual and in line with the COVID-Secure practices, which we have now had in place for nearly 6 months.

Given the individualised nature of scoliosis consultations and treatments, we have found it relatively easy to adapt the clinic to operate in a way which keeps everyone as safe as possible, and we’re fully confident we will continue to be able to do so.  

We would ask all patients to please ensure they are following the guidelines when at the clinic, as well as day to day. If we all work together, we can beat this thing sooner!

I will make a further update if required in the future, however I want to be clear that our intention is to remain OPEN to serve our patients.

If you have any questions or concerns please just give us a call.


Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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