Physiotherapy & Scoliosis Rehabilitation

The UK Scoliosis Clinic is focused on non-surgical scoliosis treatment that is scientifically proven to help patients with scoliosis. For non-surgical treatment to be most effective, it is important that they are started as early as possible. The earlier the treatment starts the more time the patient has to improve the scoliosis before growth stops and chance of improvement reduces.

Contrary to popular belief, traditional Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Yoga and Pilates do not slow nor stop the development and progress of scoliosis. However, they do help to keep the spine stable & mobile while reducing pain and stiffness.

Specific scoliosis physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercise programs are essential in the non-surgical management of scoliosis. When indicated, it is always better to at a minimum prescribe patient specific exercises in adolescents, rather than just “wait and see” which can sometimes means wait to see if the scoliosis progresses enough that the only option will be surgery. When surgery is required, metal rods are inserted to straighten the spine and the spine is fused.

Physiotherapy scoliosis specific exercises work best for adolescent curves under 25 degree’s when there is only a mild risk of progression. In children under the age of 10, it can sometimes be too difficult to teach them corrective movement patterns.

When scoliosis bracing is indicated in larger or more progressive curves, scoliosis exercises help to improve the bracing results in the short and longer term. Exercises help to improve normal movement patterns, spine flexibility and keep postural muscles strong and stable.

Scoliosis specific exercise can often be beneficial in adult scoliosis, in helping to improve posture and overall spinal balance. In doing so, symptoms such as back pain are often alleviated and body symmetry improved.

Our scoliosis specific exercise rehabilitation programmes are focussed around the Scientific Exercise Approach To Scoliosis Method (SEAS) and Mirror Image exercises developed by Chiropractic Biophysics® or Clinical Biomechanics of Posture technique.