Initial Consultation – Special Offer

Concerned about Scoliosis – Don’t wait, speak to a professional!


Are you concerned about Scoliosis? Do you, or a loved one have a high risk of scoliosis, or are you showing symptoms?
While we recommend using a tool such as Scoliscreen to perform a home screening to gauge your risk, Scoliosis can only be properly diagnosed by a Scoliosis professional.

All of the research on this topic indicates that early detection and treatment of scoliosis leads to better outcomes, and provides a higher chance for successful non-surgical treatment. A consultation at the UK Scoliosis clinic costs just £45 throughout June and could change your life.

Your initial consultation includes:


Personal Consultation with our Scoliosis specialists
Your opportunity to ask any questions you have about Scoliosis, and get answers to what matters most.
Computerised postural analysis

Designed to help us understand how your posture is related to your scoliosis, and work out the best treatment options.

Pain and disability insight questionnaires and analysis

Which allow us to understand your scoliosis pain and/or discomfort.

Scoliosis measurement

A thorough measurement of your scoliosis, essential in recommending the best treatment approach.

A personal report of findings

A detailed report, outlining your diagnosis, and recommending the best possible non-surgical treatment.


X-rays are required to properly evaluate a Scoliosis case – if you already have (current) X-rays, please bring these to your consultation – if you do not have up to date X-rays, these can be provided on the day, at the clinic for a small additional fee.

You will leave your consultation with a clear idea of the nature of your scoliosis, what your treatment options are – and if you wish, we can usually arrange for treatment at the UK Scoliosis clinic to begin within days. The purpose of your consultation is to inform you about your scoliosis, and your options – so while we’ll let you know about the cutting edge treatment options we have, there’s no obligation to continue treatment at the UK Scoliosis clinic.


To book your initial consultation, please call the UK Scoliosis Clinic today on:  01245 690 120