14 Myths about Scoliosis

Note: This is an updated version of an article which we originally posted here. Scoliosis is a complex 3 dimensional condition that results in bending of the spine to one side, a rotation to the front or back and a straightening of the spine in the side view. The most common scoliosis in adolescence is… Read more »

Why UK Scoliosis Clinic?

Learning about scoliosis for the first time can be an uphill struggle, especially if you, or someone you love has just been diagnosed. There are lots of approaches out there – so how do you know which one is best?  At the UK scoliosis clinic, we believe we’re better positioned to help you beat scoliosis… Read more »

Does ballet dancing increase your risk of scoliosis?

Does participation in ballet dancing increase your risk of scoliosis? A growing body of research seems to suggest that this might well be true. To non-dancers, the link might seem an odd one – but if you are a dancer you probably know someone with scoliosis, or you might even have it yourself. Now, reseach… Read more »